Our #BiyahengLaborem

Our very own employees’ stories about
their Laborem journey.

When we were thinking of what Employer Brand to launch (as it is our first!), we knew there were going to be testing and learning along the way. 

We’ve wondered what to share internally, to our employees, and externally, to candidates, to people who aren’t part of the company. Thus, we’re sharing the TOP THREE that we’re most proud of. There are other things on our list, but we’ll start with these and see where it goes. 

According to our Employee Survey done early this year, these are the TOP 3 things that our employees are most proud of and appreciate most in the company:




With these coming from the employees, what better way to build our Employer Brand and jumpstart it with the corporate hashtag, #BiyahengLaborem. Afterall, we all have different stories and journey worth sharing. 

Stay tuned for stories told by our very own employees around Leadership, Culture, and Well-being & Sense of Purpose.

Meanwhile, check our open roles!

"Yung pagmamahalan, paano magrespetuhan, paano magtrabaho at paano alagaan ang isa't isa, iyun yung nagpatagal sa akin dito [Laborem].

"Loyal to being of service is how people would describe Eve Sabiniano. For 25 years, she has witness the growth and journey of Laborem and its companies. When asked about her #BiyahengLaborem, Eve retells her story of how she started, what memory she treasures most, and her words of wisdom for the new and future members of the organization.

May Eve's loyalty to service be an inspiration to us. May her relentless spirit to help others be our reminder to pursue our passion and become agents of change in our own little ways.

This is Eve, and this is her #BiyahengLaborem.

Here are some employee testimonies of our #BiyahengLaborem!

I found opportunities to grow

I've been working with this company for almost 22 years and I must say that this is the best one out there! I started out as a receptionist but I was given a lot of opportunities to grow which brought me to where I am now – the Head of the Production Team for Squidworks and Red Basket!

Girlie Medel

The Red Basket

I am in-sync with the vision

Being part of this organization has allowed me to develop in an environment where my personal values and vision for the country are in complete sync. By working with inspiring and humble leaders, the experience has given me the privilege to become an instrument in creating more jobs, which we Filipinos can be truly proud of.

Patrick Obias


I am helping Filipinos

By growing the business, maintaining, and creating jobs, we enable more Filipinos to earn a living, who in turn can create even more jobs for even more people! It's an amazing cycle. At Laborem, good truly begets good!

Joanna Ko

The Greenhouse

I was given a chance

Laborem took me under its wing and took a chance on me during the time when the whole nation was in crisis and landing a job was close to impossible. I'm not the only one, Laborem has continued to hire and grow despite the pandemic challenge. In over just a span of a year I have learned and grown so much from my colleagues and superiors, my life has been enriched in countless of ways.

Jwyn Baculinao