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Creating sustainable jobs for Filipinos.

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Laborem is all about job creation.

From the Latin word that means "dignity of work," Laborem strives to create and invest in companies that provide more opportunities for Filipinos to work nation-wide.

We enable growth through our services of in-store advertising, design, printing, consumer goods, logistics, senior management and business development.

Laborem is all about job

From the latin word that means “dignity of work” , Laborem creates and invents in companies that provide more opportunities for Filipinos to work nationwide, while connecting mission-driven people to impactful job opportunities.

For companies, it also provides Senior Management, Business Development, and Support services to its ecosystem. 

Laborem helps us become a better version of ourselves.

We create a workplace where meaningful experiences help our employees realize the virtue of responsibility, to achieve excellence, and to become better versions of themselves - not just professionally , but personally as well.

Our People are the building blocks of our organizations. We enable our people to improve their families and communities.

Our Core Values


Right Thing


Right Ability


Right Attitude


Right Reason


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Here to invest into impactful companies.

We enable our partners to grow their mission.

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Drawing from his years of experience, all his advice has prevented me from making mistakes, probably saving me millions. And the best part is he does so not by hovering or micro-managing.  I still hold the reins.  He gives me enough space to learn and grow. Like a parent teaching his kid how to ride a bike, I know he’s just a few steps away, guiding me, encouraging me, and ready to step in to catch me before I fall.  I can only shudder to think what would have happened to my business if I didn’t have Jasen with me.

Len Cayanong

Partner, My Pet Pals
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Working at Laborem is a breath of fresh air. The culture and values here are a welcome departure from what I experienced in other companies. The humility and hunger of the Laborem team motivates me to constantly step up my game and bring my best to every task, meeting, or project I have. Everyone at Laborem is driven to excellence because when we do well, we recognize that we positively impact real people. By growing the business, maintaining, and creating jobs, we enable more Filipinos to earn a living, who in turn can create even more jobs for even more people! At Laborem, good truly begets good!

Joanna Ko

Head of E-commerce, The Greenhouse
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I've been working with this company for almost 22 years and I must say that this is the best one out there.With great core values and with amazing and hard-working people that will guide and support you, it is really such a blessing to be part of Laborem. This is a company with unlimited opportunities! It helped me develop the right mindset, helped strengthen my weaknesses, and it has always reminded me that failure is key to learning and success.

Girlie Medel

Head of Production, The Red Basket
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Laborem has shaped me to be the person that I am today and I am very thankful for that. I am looking forward for more years, more learnings and experiences with my Laborem Family. We often go through our entire careers continuously searching for purpose and fulfilment, I am fortunate enough though to discover them in Laborem. Being part of this has allowed me to develop in an environment where my personal values and vision for the country are in complete sync. By working with inspiring and humble leaders, the experience has given me the privilege to become an instrument in creating more jobs, which we Filipinos can be truly proud of.

Patrick Obias

Business Unit Head, Squidworks
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What better testimony can one give about a team than returning and rejoining it after one has been able to do rounds with other organizations. The key word is company; the company of people you keep to make this journey of life. You have a choice or must make that choice by determining if your values match with the people you work with. And when one does find this group of people, things simply click and one knows the organization is home. Self-improvement, helping others be better, and the spirit of entrepreneurship are self actualizing when there is a fit. I’ve gone around and been away for more than a decade, and I found myself seeking to reconnect with the same values and the team that espouse them. I feel blessed to be able to once again be part of the team and do our part in improving the lives of Filipinos through the dignity of work.

Patrick Obias

Business Unit Head, Squidworks

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